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ד"ר רות בן יקר
ד"ר רות בן יקר


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I am a senior biotech industry executive, with over 22 years of experience in the biomedical field, including over 14 years of management in the biotech industry, leading diverse corporate, business, operational, financial, clinical development, and research activities.


I am honored to serve as the CEO and a Director at the Board of Directors of BioSight Ltd., a clinical phase pharmaceutical development company, active in the field of oncology. 


I also serve as a Director at the Board of Directors of SHL Telemedicine and Cellect Biomed, as well as a professional consultant to several biomed companies and a lecturer at Lahav, the Recannati Business School of Tel-Aviv University, presenting the Israeli biomed industry to investors and business entities.


I hold a Ph.D. Cum Laude in molecular cell biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science. My research, in the field of oncology.


Ruth Ben Yakar, PhD

Seionr Biotech Executive

ASH 2015

Orlando FA, USA


Tel Aviv, Israel

Go4Europe 2015

Tel Aviv, Israel



Member at the Board of Directors



IATI is the Israeli life science and high-tech organization, established by a merger of ILSI and HITA. IATI represents and supports more than 400 members in the high tech and life science sectors.

I served as a member of the Government Relations Committee and Life Science Committee.

ביוסייט ד"ר רות בן יקר
סלקט ביומד ד"ר רות בן יקר
שחל טלרפואה ד"ר רות בן יקר

Member at the Board of Directors

2014 - Present


SHL Telemedicine (SHLTN:SW) is a public company, marketing and developing personal telemedicine systems and providing medical call center services to patients.

SHL Telemedicine was established in 1987, and is specializes in developing and marketing advanced personal telemedicine systems as well as providing comprehensive telemedicine solutions including medical call centers to individuals and to the healthcare community. 

I serve as an external director, and as a member of board Committees.

Member at the Board of Directors

2014 - Present


Cellect Biotechnology (TASE: CLBD) was founded in 2011 with a mission to become a global leader in the next generation of cellular therapies by developing innovative solutions for immune system regeneration. Achieving higher selectivity, greater specificity and decreased toxicity, Cellect envisions its products becoming an integral and essential part of Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT), as well as integrated into many aspects of regenerative medicine.

CEO and Board Member 

2014 - Present


BioSight is a private Israeli pharmaceutical development company founded in 2000, focus on development of chemotherapy pro-drugs with reduced toxicity, based on its proprietary S2DOT™ technology for chemotherapy pro-drug synthesis. BioSight develops a pipeline of targeted chemotherapy pro-drugs with reduced toxicity, thus, aiming to revolutionize the treatment for cancer patients, to enable safe and effective treatment to cancer patients around the world. Its lead proprietary product Astarabine™ is in clinical stages for treatment of leukemia. Additional products are in pre-clinical stages, addressing unmet medical needs. 

2001 - 2014


I served as the CEO of Procognia, a biotech company traded on the TASE, where I established the company as a leader in biopharmaceutical analytics, established a cGMP facility, global strategic collaborations, marketing and sales unit, led the company from $3m annual loss to operational profitability.


Prior to that, I served as the CEO of Thrombotech, a multi-center phase II clinical development stage biotech company active in the fields of CNS and cardiovascular. I established company’s management and operation structure, raised $2 million, led business development activities and setting up of a multi-center clinical trial in Europe and Asia, and FDA and IND approval. Eventually, I led the company towards acquisition by an Israeli public pharmaceutical company. 


Prior to that, I served as the Chief Business Officer of YEDA Research and Development, the technology transfer company of the Weizmann Institute of Science, responsible for the commercialization of the WIS technologies. I led the business unit of Yeda, responsible for industrial commercialization of the WIS technologies. Responsibilities included IP and technology evaluation, marketing, licensing, and negotiation of commercial terms for over 120 technologies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical device, agriculture, energy, clean-tech, and nano-tech.


Prior to that, I served as a Vice President in several Biotech companies where she led diverse product development activities and clinical and pre-clinical R&D projects, Including Gamida Cell Ltd.,where I led a global phase II/III pivotal clinical trial project under Gamida Cell – Teva Joint Venture, for a cell-therapy-based treatment for hematological malignancies. Responsibilities involved integration of a multi-discipline team of over 100 people worldwide, coordinating clinical operations, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and QC, R&D, and commercial aspects. 

מכון ויצמן למדע ד"ר רות בן יקר

1995 - 2001


PhD CUM LAUDE, Life Sciences, Direct PhD Program for Outstanding Students

Under the guidance of Professor Moshe Oren, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

ד"ר רות בן יקר
ד"ר רות בן יקר
ד"ר רות בן יקר
ד"ר רות בן יקר



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Dr Ruth Ben Yakar ד"ר רות בן יקר



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